Bio: I am bit eclectic in my tastes, a bit eccentric in my lifestyle. I have seen some things, been a lot of places, made mistakes, tasted immense joys, experienced pain and sorrow. I have found that the opportunity to learn is one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon human existence. I have struggled to grasp the certain impermanence of all things (like relationships, love, sorrow, the coastline, the sun, …. literally all things). I am an out of the box kind of guy (some might say, way out of the box). I like living life on the fringe, as an observer, but am trying to be dutiful and accept my role in this society in which I find myself. Like many, I am searching for that ever elusive inner peace. I like to experience the unknown, meet new people, see new places, and try new things. I gravitate towards the roads less traveled. I served my time in the military. I have hiked through swamps, mountains, and jungles. I have swam in the ocean. I have learned that the simplest pleasures are often the most cherished and that sharing your life with others is crucial as a social being.

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