I sit here, in this dusky corner under the soft glow of dim lights, staring and listening to those around me. Inhaling that mixture of familiar human scents and beer. I know most of these faces and have grown to love them. As the warmth of my craft beer induced buzz creeps in and the stresses of my day fade into the hazy background, a sense of guilt nips at the edges of my conscience. I know we drink too much. This subculture of intertwined circles of friends within our town is easily recognized. We all know each other. And people know us. I wonder; why do we poison ourselves? Is it just because it feels good? We come at life from different angles, ages, and backgrounds. Yet we are drawn here, like a herd of cows to the dinner bell.  A bunch of social misfits. I am sure we have our differences. But one thing is certain; there is not a dumb one among us. I mean don’t get me wrong, we have all done some stupid shit at times. But none of us would I consider dumb, or even of below average intelligence. (Although the brain cells may be burning up quick in this crowd.)  The thing I do notice is the abstract conversations. About everything from ecology to aliens, politics to religion, literature to sex photography and art to music. Conversations I could never imagine having with most others that swirl around my daily paddle through this tumultuous sea of contemporary society. These homies are artists, musicians, actors, and scientists. Many are well read and educated. So why do we join together in these shadows to imbibe? I think it’s that predominant right-brained personality’s response to the suppressive nature of contemporary society on our creative soul. Its that boundary, that set of walls made up of the accepted paradigms from the sheeple, topped with consumer-capitalism induced financial constraints. They keep our ever wandering fast moving minds in this box we call modern society. So we escape our daily servitude and meander toward that dinner bell to find solace, commiserating under the dim lights, freeing each others minds. We let each other be ourselves.

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