God and Accountability

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So I have spent a 40 year or so lifetime of deep thought, careful observation, and much research to formulate my spiritual beliefs and my definition of God. I think I am finally ready to throw them out there. God to me is the collective spiritual energy of all living things (LIFE) in the entire universe COMBINED. I find this to be in line with the interconnectedness of all things as expressed by some different philosophies such as the Native American Medicine Wheel, certain aspects of Buddhism and even certain aspects of quantum physics / superstring theory (at least as far as I understand them). Now I have expressed this idea to a few people. It has been countered that this belief that there is no separate “GOD” entity is a dangerous one because there is no one to be accountable to. I believe that is entirely erroneous. In this concept one is accountable to EVERYONE, every living human, every animal, every plant and even to one’s own self. That is a hell of a lot more, in your face, here in the present, accountability then to some imaginary dude that lives in the sky or another realm judging and watching over us. This accountability is real and the consequences of our actions become apparent and have relevance to the world in which we exist rather than a future world imagined. This type of accountability generates honest compassion.


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