Beware of the Soccubus


You feel her energy before you even see her.
Through the clouds and smoke in the dimming twilight
You feel her dark eyes boring into your soul like a hawks talons.
You turn to meet this force
You are immediately blinded by the radiant sexual energy
Everything else fades into obscurity.
You are drawn to her, helpless like a leaf floating toward the waterfall’s abyss.
Your mind is wiped clean,
ignorant of the tempest on the horizon of your life.
She revels in your weakness and your child like helplessness.
She throws you that most seductive of smiles. Her black eyes twinkling
and her flesh tingling with the anticipation of consuming her next soul.
Her nipples harden into spike like points jutting out from perfect firm orbs of taut flesh. Her blood red lips part as she takes you into her arms.
You are instantly lost, lost, lost in the temporary bliss of unimaginable ecstasy.
You are cloaked in the folds of her smooth hairless body.
Oblivious now, to the rest of existence, even your own.
The smell and taste of her nectar like a powerful tonic steals your essence.
You become an addict on that first contact.

You bow down to her, you follow her, you serve her.
All for just the taste of that nectar and the feel of your skin upon that skin.
You are enslaved now in mind body and soul.
You swim through the trials and turmoils of life after her.
Always drawn to her as she spirals downward.
Never paying attention to where the current is taking you.
Until it is too late.
Until she has you, has you completely.
You are in your own hell.
You are a prisoner locked in your own mind.
forever to wallow in the torrential anguish that has replaced your soul.
You age and realize you have given your life energy to another.
She in turn moves on to conquer another.


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