Tribute To the Ultimate Adrenaline Junky

They come from all corners
They come from all walks of life
They come for a myriad of reasons
They agree to serve

They are beaten, torn down, trained, and reshaped
into machines, into teammates, into friends, and into brothers

They are sent off into places that not many Americans can fathom
Places dry, places dank, places old, and places cold,
into the unwelcoming darkness they go in fear
But with a sense of nervous duty and often regret they charge bravely ahead

The quite night is shattered in the extreme.
The whoosh boomb of an RPG
The shwishing zing of rounds flying by and impacting all around
Sometimes they hear the pops sometimes not
There is a brief moment of confusion in the chaos
Which quickly gives way to an instant clarity and action
An extreme rush of adrenaline and endorphins
Everything slows down and milliseconds seem like minutes
As targets are identified and the deafening fire is returned
Distant shadows come apart in sprays of blood and fall to the ground
Heads explode in a splash like watermelons hit with a sledgehammer
Whose, no one cares at this point as long as it is not your friends’
Through the slow motion cloudiness you hear the radios chatter

It ends as abruptly as it began like a fast motion fireworks display
or the quickest lightning storm. Darkness and quiet returns.
Dust smoke and the smell of metal and gunpowder permeate the air.
Brothers and friends take stock. All attention focuses on wounded.

The ride back is like coming down off the greatest high.
You are glad you made it. Life is sweet. Many are shocked,.
Terrified, can’t believe what they got themselves into.
Can’t wait to go home.

But for some that addiction is instantaneous
That hard-core adrenaline junky cannot fuckin wait to go back out
and do it again and again. That extreme rush one feels when bullets are whizzing
and popping close by your head is a hard feeling to describe.
Definitely one they miss often for the rest of their lives.
There is nothing quite like it, nothing.

Then it is back to the world.
Now what the Fuck
How can they recapture that rush.
How can they recapture that endorphin high.
No one comprehends. No one can really empathize.
Like any addict it becomes hard to look into another’s eyes.


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